About Us

Raising the bar in the professional construction industry across Florida.

Greg Cirignano, General Contractor, founded One Source Restoration & Building Services, Inc. eleven years ago by renovating small local hotels. His beautiful work and attention to detail quickly caught the attention of major hotel chains, and the business flourished.

Our Team

Greg Cirignano

With over 39 years experience in hotel renovations, Greg and One Source Restoration have been providing superior hospitality remodeling at miminal costs.

Les Mouzon
Executive Vice President

With over 39 years years of experience in commercial construction, Les specialized in concrete restoration and waterproofing.
Les's knowledge and reputation has led to many successful projects.

Lauren Rhode
Office Manager/AVP

Lauren works alongside Les & Greg to ensure that our employees and clients are taken care of. Lauren has over 10 years of client service experience.

Jose Iglesias
Senior Project Manager

Jose has been an expert in commercial construction for over 35 years. Jose is responsible for schedule preparation, pre-planning and resource forecasting. With his expert knowledge & passion, he is able to efficiently execute successful projects.

Craig Weaver
Senior Estimator

Craig has 32 years of experience in estimating the cost, time, materials, labor and equipment required for commercial construction. Craig’s skills have led to many successful projects.

Juan Cegarra
Operations Manager

Juan has extensive knowledge in the industry that provides clients with the reassurance and confidence to get the job done. Juan collaborates with Jose on a daily basis to discuss progress, budgets, tasks & schedule.

Seth Mouzon
On-site Superintendent

Seth oversees our projects ensuring that everything is on schedule, budget and executed safely on site.

Steven Kiwala
Sales Manager

Steven is our sales market manager. Steven helps us build and enhance our relationships with customers. With over 20 years of experience in sales, Steven is able to develop and set action plans for the company.

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